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Hospital Beds

Hospital beds are structurally resistant to high stress and have different functions. It has all the measures for the comfort of the patients and its maneuverability is quite high.

They have structurally different dimensions. The widths differ according to the style, and bed accessories can be used. MESPA offers many suitable options in this regard. These are basically as follows;

Column motor intensive care and patient beds

  1. Manual patient beds
  2. hydraulic patient beds
  3. 3 motorized hospital beds
  4. 2 motorized hospital beds
  5. 4 motorized intensive care patient beds

Apart from these, there are different options you can choose. Also, hospital beds differ in terms of width and size. Therefore, you should be careful when buying. If you carefully examine the options we offer you, you can see the suitable models.

Home Care Beds

Patient beds can be used not only in hospitals but also at home. Home care beds come into play if you have a patient who is taken care of at home.

These have a high level of security compared to normal beds. Locking mechanisms are useful in this regard. It is also possible to move it thanks to its wheels.

Their sense of luxury is also more than normal beds. Thus, it allows easy maintenance. It is possible to move it, adjust its size at will. In addition to the technical features, each of these beds also has different optional features. The patient beds we offer for you in this context offer you and your patient the best solutions.

Hospital Beds

Hospital beds have manual, semi-electric and fully electric models, unlike beds used for home care. Each of them differs in terms of features.

Manual hospital beds have cranks to adjust the position and height of the bed. Through these it is possible to adjust the height by human power. Semi-electric models, on the other hand, combine electric and manual options. Operations such as performing the title adjustment can be done in a short time via the button.

Height is done manually. Full electric models are the easiest and most practical models. It can be managed via the control panel or remote. You can evaluate all the options we offer you in this context and choose the most suitable hospital bed.

3 Motorized Hospital Beds

3-motor electronic service beds offer great security thanks to their lockable wheels. IV pole sockets on the four corners offer better solutions. Corner bumpers have plastic protectors. Thus, maximum protection of the patient and the bed is provided. Optional accessories are available, some of which are as follows;


  1. Backup Battery,
  2. File Holder
  3. Linen Holder
  4. Bed Size Extension
  5. X-Ray Cassette Holder on the Back
  6. Lifting Mast

If you want to examine the 3-motor options, you can see the best deals by evaluating the products we offer.

Four Motor Electronic Intensive Care Bed

Electronic intensive care beds with four motors allow you to make all adjustments comfortably thanks to electronic bedside, footrest and height adjustments.

The beds, which have special shock absorbers that protect against sudden starts and impacts, help protect patients better. In addition, there is a light system integrated into the nurse control panel. Optional accessories are available and they are as follows;

  1. X-Ray Cassette Holder on the Back
  2. Backup Battery
  3. Manual CPR on the Back
  4. Bed Size Extension
  5. Outpatient Nurse Control Panel
  6. Central Lockable Casters
  7. Monitor Platform

If you want to buy four-wheeled patient beds, you can examine the options we offer and order the most suitable one for you. If you evaluate all the products, you can decide on the one that suits you best.