Medical Carts

Medical cards are among the most used and needed products in every hospital and clinic. In this way, nurses can find everything they need with them in case of emergency.

These products, which have a functional structure, have in-drawer separators. Thus, its functionality is increased. It has elements such as socket, blackboard, dustbin, oxygen tube carrier.

The wheels of these products, whose upper platforms can be easily accessed, can also be locked when desired. Therefore, it has a practical structure. If you want to buy these products, you can examine our quality and reliable products one by one and find the best options for you.

Medicine Carts

Medicine carts enable nurses to find all the supplies they need in case of emergency. In this regard, you are offered a large number of options, you can evaluate them all and find the one that offers you the best features. Models such as the Hospitool MC have accessory rails. Lockable wheels help keep the car safe.

In case of need, there are elements such as glove box carrier, blackboard, trash can. These products, which are easy to clean and provide maximum hygiene, are produced from polymeric materials suitable for medical use.

Medical Card Features

Medical card offers great convenience to doctors and nurses in hospitals and clinics. Thus, the materials that should be found during the treatment of the patients can be reached immediately.

The tool waste box is lockable and includes emergency writing tools, glove box carriers and dustbins. Since there are separators in each drawer, the objects that need to be kept separately can be adjusted.

These products with lockable wheels thus have a safe structure. Because of its push bar, you can go wherever you want whenever you want. If you examine our products in detail, you can find the medical cards you need right away.