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Pediatric Beds

Pediatric beds are specially designed beds for babies. These beds, which are suitable for hospitals and clinics, are specially produced for pediatric departments. While ensuring the safety of the baby completely, it helps the medical teams to perform the necessary care more easily.

With full visibility and ease of access, these beds provide great comfort. There are safety guards in order to prevent situations such as falling. It is prepared to meet all the needs of babies. Since it is compatible with their height, height problems do not occur. If you are considering buying a pediatric mattress, you can examine our products and choose the one that offers you the best solution.

What are the Pediatric Bed Advantages?

Pediatric beds can be used not only in hospitals and clinics, but also in homes. Therefore, it has aspects that appeal to the eye in terms of aesthetics.

These economically suitable beds are also suitable for babies with special needs. There are models with special functions for this. Since all products have safety rails and manual control features, there are no safety problems.

What are the Features of Pediatric Beds?

There are many options for pediatric beds. Each of these has different characteristics. For example, MD 4560 coded ones come with a steel main body and a transparent Plexiglass lying part. The sleeping surface is covered with leather and the wheels can be locked crosswise.

However, in general, there are some features that are found in all of them. In general, these are as follows;

  1. The height of the IV pole can be adjusted.
  2. It is possible to lock the wheels
  3. Side rails can be lowered and locked.
  4. Bedside manual crank adjust

If you evaluate all the products we offer you, you can find out which one offers the best solution, and you can place an order right away.