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Hospital Equipment

Hospital equipment covers the basic needs for clinics and hospitals. These include chairs, serum accessories, patient seating, oxygen tube carrying stands and many more.

Since they are extensively used, they must be suitable for intensive and long-term use. Also, they should be at a level that will meet the needs of both patients and health personnel.

In this respect, the products we offer you are designed to best meet your needs. Their quality construction allows you to use them for many years.

Ergonomic Chairs

Chairs are used by doctors. It allows the doctors to move freely during the examination. They can be both with and without a back.

Although both of these have different options, the height can be adjusted easily thanks to the foot pedal. There is a hand control under the seat, thus allowing more comfortable movement. Since the sizes of both models can vary, it is recommended to be careful when buying.

Serum Hangers

Serum hangers are among the most used tools in hospitals and clinics. It has two different models, with polyurethane and cast feet.

Both have four hooks and are height adjustable. In models with cast legs, the base is cast aluminium. If you examine both products, you can quickly decide which will serve you best.

Laundry Trolleys

It is possible to find foldable and normal models within the scope of laundry trolleys. In normal ones, the body is metal and electrostatic powder painted. It can move easily as there are push bars at the front and back. It has two braked and two non-braked wheels.

In foldable models, as the name suggests, they can be folded when desired. This allows for storage without taking up space. The tarpaulin can be easily cleaned.

Sizes may vary in both models. Therefore, if you examine our products, you can see which one offers you the best solution.