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Stainless Steel Hospital Equipment

Stainless steel equipment is among the materials needed by hospitals and clinics. These are in a way that meets all the requirements of both doctors and nurses.

These have different structures and are basically in the form of cabinets, hand washing units, medical waste transport vehicles.

Each of these can have different models. MESPA offers you the best options in its field, and it is possible to determine the ones that are suitable for you by examining. You can have it delivered in a short time by placing an order.


Cabinets are used in hospitals, operating rooms and intervention rooms. These stainless steel cabinets have interchangeable stacking shelves.

Its legs are ball joint and it has 4 mm tempered glass features. It has openable covers and has four legs. In addition to this, there are also mask, cap and bone cabinets. Since they have different external dimensions, it is possible to choose from them. Four ball joint legs can be adjusted easily.

Hand Washing Units

Hand washing units are among the most necessary objects in hospitals and clinics. It has a thermostatic valve that mixes hot and cold water. The soap flow is made with knee control and offers great convenience.

The flow of water can also be made with knee control. However, it is also possible to perform it with a photocell. Soap filling points are at the top level and easy to use.

Medical Waste Transport Vehicles

Medical waste transport vehicles in hospitals and clinics must be transported carefully and without errors. In this context, you are offered medical waste bins and trolleys, all of which are resistant to impacts.

It is easily moved and offers the opportunity to work in a more hygienic and sterile environment. If you examine all the products in this scope, you can find the solutions you are looking for.