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Patient Room Accessories

Patient room accessories can be in any subject from dining table to cabinets with shelves. These are prepared to meet the needs of patients. In addition, it is important for nurses and doctors.

Products such as nightstands, dining tables and patient cabinets that we offer you are specially designed to meet the needs of clinics and hospitals at the highest level. Whatever you need, you can review accordingly, and then you can place the necessary order in a very short time.

Hospital Nightstands

The nightstands in the patient rooms are designed for patients to put their personal belongings. Therefore, they must be functional.

Different models are offered to you in this category and they are lockable. Thus, it maximizes personal safety. Some models also have an adjustable ABS Dining Tray. Since it is possible to lock in wheeled models, it prevents accidents.

The handles of the drawers are aluminium and they are compact products that are easy to clean in general. If you examine all our models, you can see which one offers you the better solution.

Patient Cabinets

Among the patient room accessories, patient cabinets are designed so that patients can put their clothes. It has two shelves and its feet are adjustable. Pipe hangers are available and can be removed upon request. You can find both single and double door models in our catalogue.

Dining Tables

The dining tables, which are among the patient room accessories, are prepared for the eating needs of the patients. In manual mode, the height adjustment is done manually. Since the wheels are lockable, it prevents accidents. Its surface is wood.

In models with shock absorbers, the wheels can be locked and height adjustment can be made easily. Since they are not affected by the liquid, liquid-related damages do not occur over time. If you examine all of our models, you can immediately decide on the ones that suit you best.