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Delivery and Gynaecology Tables

Delivery and Gynaecology Tables constitute one of the most important needs in every hospital and clinic. These products, which have different features, not only help the patient to be more comfortable, but also allow the doctor to operate more comfortably.

It allows mothers to give birth more easily and allows doctors to perform more complicated operations.

The models we offer you are different, you can examine all of them and choose the most suitable ones. In models with three motors, electronic bedside height adjustment can be made and there is a waste tub.

Delivery and Gynaecology Tables

There are many models to choose between Delivery and Gynaecology Tables. If you examine before making a decision, you can choose the best and most comfortable for you and your patients. Electronic delivery tables such as the Relax 5080 have a hand control and allow you to perform easier operations.

It has a reliable structure in terms of being anti-microbial, waterproof and flame resistant. Accessory rails are made of stainless steel and have a removable head panel. It can stand stably thanks to its central lockable single wheels.


Hydraulic Birthing Tables

Delivery and Gynaecology Tables include hydraulic birth tales. These allow mothers to feel more comfortable and the birth process to be easier. It has shock absorber controlled back adjustments.

These models, whose handles are made of stainless steel, have a waste tub and serum hanger slots. These liquid-proof and anti-microbial products have a completely reliable structure. It is suitable for long-term use with its air permeable mattress and flame resistant. In addition, the hydraulic height can be adjusted with the foot pedal.

If you are examining these models, you can take a look at all the products in detail and decide in a short time the most suitable one for your clinics and hospitals.