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MESPA – Star of Gaziantep

Gaziantep Chamber of Industry rewarded the industrialists who added value to their city and country in the ceremony held on 26th of December, 2015.

Mespa Healthcare Products Inc. won awards in 3 categories in the “Stars of Gaziantep, 2015” award held by Gaziantep Chamber of Industry in Sanko Private Schools. 71 companies were awarded in 9 categories in the ceremony hosted by Gaziantep Chamber of Industry parliament president Mustafa Topçuoğlu and Sanko Holding Company Chairman Adil Sani Konukoğlu.

Mespa previously became one of Turkey’s top 100 fastest growing company and won prize in the ceremony held with the partnership of TEPAV and AllWorld NetWork under the leadership of TOBB, this time MESPA has been rewarded in his own city Gaziantep.

Mespa won 3 awards in ceremony through the following fields;

R&D prize with the Functional Birthing Chair “Vertical” that makes birth easier – supported by “TÜBİTAK”.

Firm that applied for useful models mostly – Useful Model prize.

Lastly; Turkey’s top 100 fastest growing companies